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A biogel against cancer developed by researchers from ÉTS and CRCHUM

Date : 13 Apr 2017 |

Sophie Lerouge, Professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) and researcher at CRCHUM, and Réjean Lapointe, researcher at CRCHUM, are developing an intelligent biogel to fight cancer.


In vitro results have been successful and promising and in vivo assays in mice have just begun.


Priyum Koonjul, Director of business development at Aligo Innovation, the business arm representing ETS, and responsible for this file, finds that this technology is at a very early stage, however needs to be pursued because of its potential impact. She adds "We are looking forward to having the in vivo results, which will help enormously for seeking commercial interest."


Source (in french): Un gel intelligent pour lutter contre le cancer, Le Devoir

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