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From 2001 to 2014, Valeo was responsible for the management of intellectual property and the granting of commercial rights for its  partner institutions with SECUs (which are now with Aligo). Valeo has processed more than 400 invention disclosures and brought nearly 90 files to Aligo that are currently being solicited or evaluated. Commercialization efforts have led to the conclusion of 21 agreements and among the new spin-off companies, six are currently active: 3D Semantix (ETS), Emovi (ETS), Angiochem (UQAM), Fitt&Lean (UQAM), B&B FRP Manufacturing (Concordia), and Noviflow (UQAM).


Since April 1, 2014, Valeo has been a limited partner of Aligo Innovation. Since June 30, 2014, Valeo’s staff, its activities, and 7 SECUs were transferred to Aligo, who will continue the development and management of the SECUS IP assets and will take care of ongoing technology transfer agreements. Valeo's shareholders’ agreement, convention, and each SECUS agreement were amended as of June 30, 2014 to reflect these changes.


MSBiV Valorisation


Created in 2003, MSBiV analyzed many opportunities and undertook several commercialization activities. Some of the innovations invested in have evolved into companies that secured additional funding by other investors and/or were acquired by other companies (eg. MSBiV invested in Resonant Medical in 2003, which was acquired by Eleckta in 2010). While some have been abandoned, others have received licenses from established companies or are still being valorized.


Every year since 2009, MSBiV evaluated an average of 68 files from institutional partners through the Office of Sponsored Research at McGill or Socpra (University of Sherbrooke and Bishop), which corresponds to just over 50% of the invention disclosures the company received (an average of 130 disclosures per year). MSBiV supported over 60 projects over the years, with 23 projects in its investment portfolio, some of whom received substantial support both in terms of funding and time. These include spin-offs from the life sciences sector like Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals, Milestone Pharmaceuticals, and Laurent Pharmaceuticals and are in various stages of clinical development.


Since April 1, 2014, MSBiV became a limited partner of Aligo and by the end of June of that year, the staff at MSBiV and the company's operations were transferred to Aligo. MSBiV’s shareholder agreement was amended on this date to reflect these changes.